Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Happy Hour in Portland

A Happy Hour in Portland, 16" x 20" oil on linen

The idea for the painting came quickly, the painting however took almost a year to finish.  After a visit to Clyde Common I was inspired to paint Junior who was working behind the stick.  He was great to talk to and felt like an instant friend.  Not to mention he makes killer cocktails.

I got back to my studio and started the painting.  Everything was going smoothly until I was about 90% complete when I became so frustrated that I almost ripped it to shreds.  I hated the background, I hated the shirt, I hated the tattoos, I hated everything.  Luckily I didn't burn the canvas and opted to set it aside.  Over time my feelings faded to the point where I can't even remember why I disliked the painting in the first place.  Just a month ago I revisited the painting and saw with clarity that it only needed an adjustment here and a finish there and boom, it was done.  Now it is one of my favorite paintings!

It's funny how our minds can get so fixated on little things that we forget about the big picture.  A little distance removes the attachment we feel to our work and allows us to see things clearly, almost as if it wasn't our work at all.

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