Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Pour

The Pour, 16"x20" oil on linen

Watching a fine cocktail being made is almost as fun as drinking one... almost.  A bartender's precise measuring is the backbone of a good drink.  Add that to the rhythmical way in which they shake and stir it all together and you end up with a spirited dance within the framework of a timeless recipe.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Absinthe Drip

Absinthe Drip, 16"x20" oil on linen

Yesterday was the Anniversary of Repeal Day, but sadly it took another 74 years for Absinthe to be legally sold in the United States.  I guess better late than never.  Although I have to admit that the mystery around the green fairy was much more exiting when it wasn't readily available.  Still it is a great and important liquor, both for its use in classic drinks such as the Sazerac and its inspiration for writers, painters and artists of all types in the the late 19th Century.

Holiday Tip:  Maybe this year you should leave a glass of Absinthe out for Santa, you might end up with something more interesting in your stocking...  or at least have a exciting Christmas eve!